Download Nero Platinum – Suite 7-1 v22 Full Crack + Serial

Download Nero Platinum – Suite 7-1 v22 Full Crack + Serial

Nero Platinum offers 7 powerful and well-combined programs in one multimedia suite for Windows PC. Discover the new version now with many new functions.

7 powerful programs in one suite
Trust the market leader
Seven perfectly harmonized programs will allow you to manage your daily multimedia life. Discover everything that is expected. Here we go:

1. Clean your photo file quickly and reliably

Nero DuplicateManager Photo: Have you lost track of your photo files on your PC? Multiple duplicate photo copies and as many similar photos via image editing or HDR? Nero DuplicateManager Photo’s new “Find Similar Images” mode provides quick help. Find duplicate and similar photo folders and photo duplicates quickly and safely, restore order to the photo archive, valuable storage space, and even clean up the Nero MediaHome Media Center.

Screenshots ”

Nero Duplicate Manager Photo

Nero Video
2. Import, Create and Edit

Nero Video: The video editing program offers you total creativity with the simplest handling and the best results for your film projects. Create perfect movies and presentations with 1-Click Video Story. With the new Nero LifeThemes PRO you automatically create authentic moods. You’ll be able to add music, more than 1,000 effects and the automatic bar eliminator with a single click to your videos, so that any photographic and video material will be ready to enjoy an optimal cinema experience. Even vertical videos and photos on your phone can be easily imported and edited as vertical video and seamlessly staged with new vertical video templates. You can also create and burn high-quality video DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs ™ with numerous new menu templates.

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3. Organization, Reproduction And Streaming

The future is now! Your PC can do more than you think: with the world’s first, the Nero AI Photo Tagger! Now you can automatically tag images – experience artificial intelligence in the best way on your local PC.

Nero MediaHome: In Nero MediaHome, you can now access and download OneDrive files online (Files On Demand) directly. This saves a lot of storage space on the PC and the images, videos and music remain directly available for the project at any time. And, of course, you can play everything the normal way – be it a DVD video, a music CD, music files, photos, slide shows, videos, movies, or TV series. Stream your photos, movies and TV shows, including movie titles, wirelessly to your living room television.

Screenshots ”

Nero MediaHome

Nero BackItUp
4. Save, Encode And Compress

Nero BackItUp: Back up your valuable media files with the integrated Nero BackItUp program. Do not worry and rest assured that all your data is in good hands. Use Nero BackItUp to protect all the data on your PC or laptop. Just click a button to set up your backup, thus protecting your files at the desired backup interval or continuously. All-new: You can now back up your favorite cloud services (Google Drive, OneDrive) and restore data online from your cloud storage.

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5. Extract And Convert

Nero Recode: Gather what belongs: Import all formats up to high quality HEVC (H.265) and convert them to almost any format you need. Copy DVDs *, AVCHD * and Blu-ray Discs ™ * and just keep using the files for new projects. New: Convert your video files specifically for use on video discs (DVD-Video ™, AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc ™) and let fully supported files be transferred directly to your video projects. Thanks to Nero SmartEncoding, you can significantly reduce the creation times of your video discs. With the 1-click conversion you can also transfer audio CDs including covers directly to your connected mobile device.

* For non-copy protected media only.

Screenshots ”

Nero Recode

Music recorder
6. Streaming And Download

Audials Music Recorder: The Music Recorder included in Nero Platinum is your entry into the world of music: Hear the milestones of your favorite bands and discover new songs with access to more than 100,000 online radio stations and thousands of concerts, music videos and content about their idols. Music Recorder saves music as MP3 file not DRM protected. You can then copy it to your mobile device!

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7. Write, Copy and Save

Nero Burning ROM: A class of its own. Whether CD, DVD, Blu-ray Disc




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